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Coping with Technology: Children's Experience with Learning from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Muassomah Muassomah, Halimi Halimi, Irwan Abdullah, Ismail Ismail, Umi Zahroh

“Old newspapers from my home”: Storying children’s environmental and cultural sustainability

Alison M-C. Li, Janet S. Gaffney, Adrienne N Sansom, P. W. Doris Cheng

The Use of Music and Movement Activities in Lessening Children’s Problem Behaviors

Jasper Vincent Alontaga,Sofia Irina Gomez,Lara Patricia Mariano,Jeanne Paula Pajarillo

A Study on What Makes Young Children Happy

Yonghee Hong,Haejeon Kim,Wooyong Jeun

Variations in Staff Viewpoints regarding Children’s Outdoor Play in Japanese ECEC Playgrounds

Machiko Tsujitani,Kiyomi Akita,Kaori Ishida,Mariko Miyata,Yuta Miyamoto

Manifestations of Helping Behavior among Preschool Children in a Laboratory School in the Philippines

Maria Perlita E. de Leon,Micah Denise S. del Mundo,Ma. Lovena V. Moneva,Anna May L. Navarrete

Developing Young Children\'s Scientific, Technological, and Social Competency through

Sumida ManabuFukada Shozo,Nakamura Hiroaki,Masukagami Masaru

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