Group Music Activities in Chinese Kindergartens: Children’s Engagement and Teacher Perspectives

Natalie Robertson, Hoi Yin Bonnie Yim, Louise Paatsch
page. 49~72 / 2022 Vol.16 No.2


The paper aims to research group music activities in selected kindergartens in mainland China. Specifically, children’s engagement in group music activities and teachers’ perspectives of music curriculum practices to engage children are examined. The study was conducted in 44 classrooms across six kindergartens in mainland China. A mixed method research design was used to collect and analyse data. Observations of 1085 children’s engagement in group music activities were conducted. A survey and interviews gathered the perspectives of 89 teacher participants about music curriculum practices that engage children. The findings showed that the percentage of children engaged in group music activities was relatively high across the 44 classrooms. Teachers’ perspectives of music curriculum practices demonstrated an appreciation of play-based pedagogies to engage children in group music activities. The findings hold implications for the design and implementation of music learning experiences for young children in educational settings.

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