Perceptions among Hong Kong parents on Play in Early Childhood: A Qualitative Study

Angela F.Y. Siu,Chrysa P.C. Keung
page. 77~92 / 2022 Vol.16 No.1


This qualitative study aimed to explore parents’ perceptions of children’s play in Hong Kong. Semistructuredinterviews were conducted to ask how parents defined and valued play. Data analysis fromforty participants’ qualitative quotes revealed that participating parents had a positive view toward theimportance of enhancing learning through children’s play. In addition, some participating parentsdefined play as a broad spectrum encompassing four themes: innate in nature, free from rules orconstraints, self-directed or spontaneously initiated, and age-appropriate. Also, some parentshighlighted play as having various benefits for children’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physicaldevelopment. The findings of this study add to the existing knowledge base by identifying parents’diverse perceptions about play and learning. It also reflects a growing parental consensus of viewingplay as a multi-dimensional concept valuable for whole child development.

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