Problems and Constraints of Authentic Assessment among Children's Early Education Teachers

Wahyu Hidayat, Nur Asmawati Lawahid, Mujahidah
page. 87~109 / 2021 Vol.15 No.2


Authentic assessment aims to plan the individual learning of children by identifying specific needs, assistance or services. The current study aims to identify constraints faced by them in implementing authentic assessment of teachers in early Childhood Education in North Aceh. This study was conducted through three phases, namely the first, the study of problems and constraints of teachers in implementing assessment practices on 70 early Childhood teachers; the second phase, reviewing the teacher documents on the six selected early Childhood teachers and the third examining the constraints from the perspective of five teachers in implementing authentic assessments. The first and second phase analyzes used descriptive statistics. The third phase study data were analyzed qualitatively. Findings show that 70 (100%) teachers get strong emphasis from parents to teach reading, writing and counting to their children. The findings, on the other hand, have identified the constraints faced by teachers, namely the influence and demand from families who want their children to be able to read, write and count as well as testing using written tests. Lack of instruction from the Ministry of Education is also a constraint in implementation.

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