Early Childhood Teacher’s Approach to Assessment: A Look at Data Collection, Organization, and Lesson Planning Practices

Grace Keengwe
page. 1~22 / 2020 Vol.14 No.3


While assessment is key in every field of learning, how it is accomplished determines the outcome. The early childhood grades present a challenge as children are young and of different abilities. There isn’t a standard way early childhood programs are required to measure assessment and many programs use varied assessment approaches. Thus, information on if teachers do actually collect data and how they use that data is lacking in assessment research of early childhood programs. This study investigated how early childhood teachers approached assessment and how they used that assessment. Seven early childhood teachers were interviewed that used the TS GOLD assessment. Common and varied themes are identified in teacher data collection processes, data organization/interpretation and lesson planning and instructional use practices. Importance of assessment planning, knowledge of assessment tools, and use of assessment systems are discussed as areas of possible training and professional development.

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