Kindergarten Principals, Associate Principals, and Teachers’ Perceptions of Daily Lesson Plan’s Necessity, Preparation, and Utilization

Soonhwan Kim, Dajeong Jin
page. 215~233 / 2020 Vol.14 No.2


The purpose of this study was to assess the perceptions held by kindergarten principals, associate principals, and teachers regarding the necessity, preparation, and utilization of the daily lesson plan. Specifically, this study was designed to provide insight into possible ways to improve the daily lesson plan by seeking inputs from teaching and administrative staffs in kindergartens in South Korea regarding the practical application of the plan. For this purpose, a total of ten participants were interviewed, and the contents of the interviews were analyzed through a systematic classification. As a result, the participants were classified into two groups: one group expressed that the plan is necessary while the other group expressed that the plan creates unnecessary paperwork. In addition, many participants worried that the plan was not applied in practice, although they believed that the plan aids in establishing learning objectives of the day, maintaining balance among different learning activities, and stimulating students’ interest. Finally, participants had different perceptions of thedegree of the plan’s practical use.

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