Development and Implementation of a Science-based Integrated Curriculum for Nurturing the Gifted Potentials of Young Filipino Children

Greg Tabios Pawilen
page. 45~67 / 2018 Vol.12 No.3


This is a descriptive study focusing on the development and implementation of a science-based integrated curriculum to nurture the gifted potentials in science of young Filipino children. Specifically, it answers four questions: (1) What are the interests, characteristics, and learning styles of young children that are potentially gifted in science? (2) What are the contents of the science-based curriculum for young children with gifted potentials? (3) What instructional model can be used to implement the science-based curriculum? (4) How is the science-based integrated curriculum implemented to nurture the gifted potentials of students in science? This study was participated by young children who are potentially gifted in science and expert teachers. To gather data, the gifted characteristics and interests of the children were identified, the contents and activities of thecurriculum were selected, classes were observed, and a regular collaborative planning and evaluation sessions were done. The data was analyzed qualitatively looking into the learning behavior of the students as they do integrated science activities, perform experiments, and learn various science concepts and process skills. The result includes observable gifted characteristics and learning styles of the students, important principles and contents, and instructional design for the science-based integrated curriculum.

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