Designing an Integrated Curriculum for Preschool

Greg Tabios Pawilen, Jaeson P. Arre, Eloida F. Lindo
page. 57~76 / 2010 Vol.4 No.2


Integrated curriculum is a popular curriculum design used in organizing preschoolcurriculum. This study aims to analyze how teachers design an integrated curriculum.Specifically, it describes: (1) how do teachers plan an integrated curriculum; (2) whatcommon themes are used; and (3) what factors are influential or considered in integratingthe curriculum. Since the study was conducted in a Christian school, it alsoanalyzes the influence of the Christian faith in the curriculum. Curriculum analysisand focus-group discussion with preschool teachers and administrators were done togather the necessary data for the study. The results of the study show that the thematicapproach is dominantly used in integrating the curriculum. The themes usually derivedfrom big ideas or topics related to science, social studies, and some concepts andactivities that are interesting to the learners. Several factors are also found to be influentialin designing the curriculum. The study also found out that Christianity has agreat impact or influence in designing the curriculum. Biblical stories, and Christianvalues are always integrated in the selection of sub-topics and activities in the curriculum.

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