Exploration of Experiences in Relationships between Mother of Child with Special Need and Teacher, and Their Potential Implications: the Viewpoint of Mother

Myung Ja Nam
page. 25~52 / 2010 Vol.4 No.1


The purpose of this study is to explore the experience of the mother-teacher relation- ship in the case of children with special needs, and to analyze the significance of this experience for the mother’s position. For this, a method of searching for a narrative appropriate for exploring human experience was applied. It analyzed the conversa- tional record between mother and teacher of children with special needs, the inter- view data with the participating mothers, and other documentary data related to edu- cation. The mother-teacher relationship in children with special needs was indicated to be the relationship of having conversation and practicing, the relationship of sym- pathizing and trusting, and the relationship of being helpful mutually. The signifi- cance of this relationship for the mother was analyzed as having self-confidence as a rearer, growing as a parent, and broadening the horizon of recognition with ‘social care’. It was discussed that the educational significance of the mother-teacher rela- tionship has for a mother, and institutional supplementation for a better mother- teacher relationship.

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