The Use of Music and Movement Activities in Lessening Children’s Problem Behaviors

Jasper Vincent Alontaga,Sofia Irina Gomez,Lara Patricia Mariano,Jeanne Paula Pajarillo
page. 39~55 / 2017 Vol.11 No.3


The main purpose of this action research was to investigate if using music and movement activitieswould lessen the problem behaviors displayed by eleven (11) preschool students ages 4-5 years old ina private preschool in the Philippines. Problem behaviors are behaviors that are considered asdisruptive or can cause harm to other children or may be a hindrance to their learning. The studentswere exposed to researcher-adapted music and movement activities for five (5) weeks based onobserved target problem behaviors. Quantitative data were collected through the use of a researchermadechecklist and qualitative data through observations. Paired t-test results determined that therewas a significant difference in the decrease of children’s problem behaviors during free play whenmusic and movement activities were implemented. This also has been confirmed by the observationswith the children which also showed the improvement in their behaviors during free play –specifically for destroying, grabbing and not knowing when to share toys and materials. The data alsoshowed the effectiveness of the intervention in lessening the problem behaviors in other learningperiods aside from free play, validating the role of using music and movement activities in lesseningchildren’s problem behaviors.

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