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A Study on Early Childhood Educators’ Aesthetic Teaching Beliefs and Practices in Taiwan

AUTHOR : Yu-Ting Chen

INFORMATION : page. 21~39 / 2014 Vol.8 No.3


This study explored early childhood educators’ aesthetic teaching beliefs and practices in Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan counties in Taiwan. Survey and interview methods were employed. The findings were as follows. (1) The average of early childhood educators’ aesthetic teaching beliefs and practices was high. Their teaching beliefs were stronger than teaching practices. (2) There were significant differences in aesthetic teaching beliefs and practices in terms of location and educational background. (3) There was a significantly positive correlation between aesthetic teaching beliefs and practices. (4) The interviewed early childhood educators agreed with the importance of aesthetic education. They argued to develop children’s aesthetic feelings through exploring nature and arts, and to guide children in appreciating various arts and local arts. However, their difficulties were a lack of enough knowledge in arts appreciation, and insufficient arts resources in the mountains and rural areas.

Keyword :

aesthetic teaching beliefs,aesthetic teaching practices,early childhood educators


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