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Student Teachers’ Perception of Reflective Journal Writing in Placement Practicum: Experience from a Hong Kong Institution

AUTHOR : Tak Lai Cheng

INFORMATION : page. 27~51 / 2020 Vol.14 No.2


The paper aims to research kindergarten student teachers’ perceptions of reflective journal writing and its role in fieldwork placement within the context of Hong Kong. To respond to their professional growth, student teachers use reflective journal writing as an essential assignment in early childhood education because it gives them the opportunity to explore the understanding they have gained in a specific context of fieldwork placement practices. Nevertheless, the quality of reflection is heavily dependent on their perception of the practices and the learning context, because they can choose to remain at the surface level and avoid the reflection process. In this regard, instead of merely implementing reflective journal writing, it is urgent that teacher educators learn more about student teachers’ understanding of their role. Thus, first, this paper briefly illustrates the role of reflective practices in developing kindergarten student teachers’ professional growth. It then reviews the relevant literature on reflective journal writing and argues the importance of individual practitioners’ perspectives of reflective practices. By drawing empirical data from five kindergarten student teachers currently studying in an institution in Hong Kong, this qualitative study assesses their perception of reflective journal writing in placement learning through photo-elicitation interviews.

Keyword :

Reflection,reflective journal writing,early childhood education,fieldwork placement


Reflective Journal Writing as a Means of Reflection





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