pISSN : 1976-1961

Managing Developmental Dyslexia: Practices of Speech-Language Therapists in South Africa

AUTHOR : Salomé Geertsema, Mia Le Roux

INFORMATION : page. 71~98 / 2020 Vol.14 No.1


Background: The American-Speech-Hearing-Association (ASHA, 2010) position statement asserts that Speech-Language Therapists (SLTs) are involved in the prevention, identification, assessment, and provision of intervention for reading and writing problems, as well as in providing other services such as counselling and information services. The 2007 Ethics and Standards Committee of the South African Speech-Language-Hearing-Association (SASHLA) proposed guidelines on the practicalities of rendering these services to the South African population. Despite these position statements and guidelines, there is limited information available on the efficacy of intervention programmes used by the SLT population. Aim: This study investigated current knowledge and practices of SLTs in the South African context, as well as their perceptions regarding developmental dyslexia (DD) management. The main aim was to determine the nature of DD management practices of SLTs in South Africa (SASLT). Method: A survey study with an embedded design was employed. More specifically, a descriptive, correlational study was conducted which included qualitative and quantitative data in the same general time period. Results: Results indicated that the majority of SASLTs do not manage DD and are not confident in their ability to manage DD. The SASLTs felt that more in-depth training would be of benefit to them. Conclusion: Training in the field of developmental dyslexia should be considered by professional bodies in the field of SLT.

Keyword :

developmental dyslexia,South Africa,Speech-Language Therapists,management





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