pISSN : 1976-1961

Preschool Teachers’ Resilience and Their Readiness to Develop Resilience to Young Children in a Chinese Context

AUTHOR : Angela F. Y. Siu, Amy H. C. Chan

INFORMATION : page. 49~69 / 2020 Vol.14 No.1


Resilience is defined as a “positive adaption in the face of risk or adversity” (Wright, Masten, & Narayan, 2013). Both the teachers’ resilience and their readiness to develop preschool children’s resilience were examined in the Hong Kong context (n=196). Results from the K-means cluster analysis indicated that Hong Kong preschool teachers had a relatively high level of resilience, with family being a significant contributing factor. These teachers were generally ready to foster children’s resilience and showed relatively high support for programs on developing children’s resilience (PDCR). The main effects of preschool teachers’ resilience and institutional climate supportiveness were identified. Institutional climate tended to affect highly resilient teachers more in terms of their willingness to implement PDCR. These findings provide insights and directions for developing early childhood resilience programs.

Keyword :

resilience,preschool teacher,preschool children,Chinese





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