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Towards Unity amidst Diversity in Early Childhood Education: Report and Reflection on the 10th PECERA International Conference

AUTHOR : Betty Chan, Grace Choy

INFORMATION : page. 3~28 / 2010 Vol.4 No.2


Early childhood education professionals in the Asian Pacific regions are facing various diversities, including economic and social diversities, cultural diversities, diversities in religious beliefs or value systems, and diversities in early childhood teacher education and school administration. Despite the different areas of diversities, they are united with one goal, that is, providing quality education for the benefit of children that meet their developmental needs. The Chinese concept of “He” or Harmony is instrumental in understanding “unity in diversity”. Harmony presupposes the existence of differences. Early childhood education in the Asian Pacific regions can be different and yet harmonious. By sharing latest research and teaching experience among early childhood professionals in an international platform such as PECERA, they can be united by vigorously proven theories and the most effective pedagogies, and it is achieved in a supportive environment.

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