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Thematic-Integrative Learning with the Beyond Centers and Circle Time Approach at Tunas Harapan Preschool, Salatiga, Central Java

AUTHOR : Zulkipli Lessy,Amin Sabi’ati

INFORMATION : page. 39~59 / 2018 Vol.12 No.1


This study is aimed at uncovering the development of children’s attitudes at Tunas Harapan preschool in Salatiga, Central Java, through thematic-integrative learning with the Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) approach which was shown to be effective learning model for improving children’s physical, emotional, and academic performances. Involving teachers and parents, the model stimulates the rise of creativity and accommodates individual differences so that all children can experience learning as a knowledge foundation. The study solicited nine children of Berlian grade 1, two teachers, the principal, five parents, and a staff member. Data collection included interviews, observations, and documents. The findings reveal the model emphasizes playing and mutual interactions between the children and the preschool environment. The teacher simultaneously connected the topics with the surroundings drawing out the curiosity of the children to help them gain knowledge. The topics were selected through a variety of games based on their interests so that they would eagerly play to build positive attitudes.

Keyword :

thematic-integrative learning,Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) approach,attitude,preschool



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